Long, long ago, before they were pets, kitties lived in burrows. In a wild and hostile world, the burrow provided a safe and cozy refuge for the prehistoric kitty.

Like their ancestors from olden times, our kitties still love to snuggle up in small, enclosed spaces. Ever notice how kitties love to sit inside cardboard boxes? Put vertical and horizontal cardboard scratch surfaces in a small, enclosed space that they can spring their paws against and you've got an environment that satisfies a wide range of instinctual needs of today's busy kitties. That's what makes the SCRATCH LOUNGE the worlds best cat scratcher!



Why did Pet Product News select the SCRATCH LOUNGE as Editor’s Choice for Best New Product of 2006? Because the SCRATCH LOUNGE revolutionizes cat-scratch technology, introducing the first 3-sided scratcher. This one-of-a-kind design allows cats to satisfy their instinctual need to nest.

The SCRATCH LOUNGE will last far longer than other scratchers because of the reversible super-dense honeycomb construction of the pads. The design is so unique, it was issued a U.S. utility patent!SCRATCH LOUNGE even prevents cats from damaging furniture! They enjoy the SCRATCH LOUNGE one hundred times longer than any conventional one-sided scratcher. That's more time on a SCRATCH LOUNGE and less time on your couch!

A portion of profits go to animal rescue, including free spay and neuter clinics. Always receive your order in less than a week!


Q: Why don't you make an extra-large sized Scratch Lounge for extra-large sized cats?
A: The Scratch Lounge is designed to fit cats of all sizes. Larger cats actually prefer the size of the Scratch Lounge because it provides them a cozy space in which to "nest."

Q: Does the Scratch Lounge contain any materials that could be harmful to my cat?
A: The Scratch Lounge contains NO harmful materials. In fact, we use nontoxic wheat-based glue to adhere the cardboard structure.

Q: Where is the Scratch Lounge made?
A: The Scratch Lounge is made in Chicago, Illinois.

Q: Is the Scratch Lounge made of recycled material?
A: Yes, the Scratch Lounge is made of 100% recyclable materials.

Q: Will the Scratch Lounge prevent my cats from scratching other furniture?
A: The Scratch Lounge redirects cats away from other surfaces they are likely to scratch, however, contrary to popular belief, not all cats are perfect.