Our Founder

Daisy N. McKitty

Life wasn't always a cakewalk for Young Daisy  N. McKitty, the owl faced Calico revered by Kitties the world over for her invention, the Original Scratch Lounge. She came up the hard way, fending for herself in the hardscrabble "Bungalow Heaven" neighborhood of Pasadena where the back alleys are ruled by well fed crews of Norwegian Forrest Cats.  Hers is a story of a young kitty who knew that with hard work and perseverence she could one day achieve the American dream.   It all started with an epiphany that Daisy had while laying on a flat cardboard scratcher in her newly adopted Hollywood home.  As she lay there she started pawing against the wall. Soon a prototype three sided scratcher was built, and then another, and then another. Over the course of the ensuing winter months, Daisy burnt the midnight oil, working impossibly long days testing and refining this new kind of scratcher. An absolute perfectionist, Daisy vetted hundreds of prototypes until late one spring afternoon she simply got up from her test model and announced with a plaintive meow that her job was done. The Scratch Lounge was now ready for the world.

Several years have now passed since Daisy meowed the meow heard around the world. Her invention is enjoyed by Kitties around the globe. She spends her days doing the things that she enjoys most, relaxing on her Scratch Lounge, laying in the sun, chasing squirrels out of her yard, basically enjoying being an average American house cat. For Daisy, simple pleasures are the best!